Thanks for stopping by. If you’re reading this, you must be curious.

We like this trait in people. Flamboyance Tours is a company for the curious. We want travellers on our tours who want to really learn about the city of Adelaide.

You may know little about Adelaide or a lot, but either way, you’ll walk away with some new knowledge and the feeling you’ve been let in on a little secret. Because Adelaide’s that kind of place. People don’t know what to expect, but within the city centre there are a lot of stories to be told.

On a Flamboyance Tours walk, we walk with flamboyant feet. This is our way of saying tours can be fun, inspiring and interactive. It’s about being together with like-minded travellers to explore a new destination and feeling great.
We hope you join us on a tour soon. We’re ready and waiting to show you what Adelaide is all about and why the City of Churches is so worthy of exploring.

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