The annual event that brings Adelaide to a whole other level is finally upon us!

The Adelaide Fringe is the city’s biggest festival, taking over the city for an entire month from mid-February to mid-March.

For anyone, going through the Fringe guide or website can be daunting. There’s so much going on that most of the time, you don’t really know where to start. Particularly if you don’t have a preference for genre. If you like comedy, fine. Same for theatre. But otherwise, you can flounder around and not really know which way is forward.

Thankfully, while there are plenty of brand new shows and amazing exclusive events (hello Pussy Riot – I am FASCINATED to see what you do), there are also plenty of returning hit shows that you may have missed in 2018, and returning artists with new material. As a big Fringe lover, I’m here to spill what I think is worth a look, in case you missed it.


1. Hans: Like A German

Any year, our local dah-ling Hans (aka The Advertiser gossip columnist Matt Gilbertson) brings the laughs with his daring mix of cabaret, comedy and sequins. This year’s show will focus on his hit turn on America’s Got Talent, where he won over Simon Cowell. I’ve seen Hans multiple times and think he’s a crack up!


2. Baby Wants Candy

This is in Adelaide for the third year in 2019, and it’s a winner. You have no idea what the show is going to be about. It’s completely improvised. And it’s a musical. The talent from these performers is amazing, and you leave wondering how you just saw what happened. So much fun.


3. Isaac Lomman: Hypnosis (Live)

Another local, Lomman hypnotises people picked at random from the audience and sends them on a path of crazy activity that would normally be out of their comfort zone. Actually hilarious for how deep some people get in to it. Be mindful that it works for some and not for others – you have to be in the right mindset to let yourself be hypnotised (I found out the hard way from Lomman at a separate show where I unfortunately couldn’t let hypnotism in).


4. Choir of Man

Pick of the Fringe winner in 2018, the lad of Choir of Man are back with their pub-friendly vibe musical extravaganza. Try getting pulled up from the audience on stage – I was lucky enough to get up there and could really feel the energy of their singing. Interactive and lively, the smile just stays on your face!


5. Shit-Faced Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last year their focus was on Romeo + Juliet. This year, the focus on another classic. Though one thing stays the same – with each performance, one cast member is inebriated ahead of the show and carries on while drunk. There are audience opportunities to further intoxicate this character during the show. Unpredictable but a fun ride.


Be sure to get amongst the Fringe madness and support these artists – they come a long way to get here and bums on seats are what makes them come back. Comment and tell me what you’re seeing anything this year!


Until next time,

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