How a private Adelaide walking tour can benefit travellers

I love promoting Adelaide as a ‘secret capital’. I firmly believe Adelaide is still Australia’s best kept secret (out of the major cities, at least), for a number of reasons that I will touch on in a separate blog post.

For now, I want to talk about the advantages of a private walking tour, and how that helps to unlock the most secrets of all.

I want to paint a picture in your head: you’re a seasoned traveller that’s done a lot of walking tours, or a lot of group touring, in your time. Constantly surrounded by big groups of people in cities big and small.

You may be annoyed at crowds, or you may have found your ‘travel person’ – your partner-in-crime in life, love, and/or travel, and want something for just the two of you. Alternatively that could be your ‘travel group’ – best buds, siblings, anyone who enriches your travelling experience.

As your familiarity with travelling grows stronger, you’re more at peace with doing things alone, or with those close to you. You’re more curious about what it is to be a local – how they see themselves and how others see them. Finding out about the monuments that shape a city, but also wanting more.

Imagine you can have all that… and all it relies on is putting faith in a local who can tell you these stories, who can tell you about life in their home city with no reservations. Imagine you have TIME – in reality’s terms the same time-frame, but in this space what feels like a heavenly eternity. Time to ask harder questions, time to examine a building in just that little more detail. Time to immerse yourself in an intriguing world.

The lovely trio you see in the featured image put faith in us, and had a great experience exploring Adelaide in greater depth. They joined me in what I call an intimate walk, where maximum four people can book.

A private Adelaide walking tour allows more flexibility. It allows in-depth analysis in to how developments are changing Adelaide’s society, or debating whether it isn’t. It allows route amendments if desired, to cater to interests. And it allows the tour guide to shine because more of their knowledge becomes apparent.

When people put faith in a professional tour guide, it means a lot. By making that choice to step away from the crowds to gain insightful knowledge, it’s putting trust in someone who cherishes a city’s cultural and historical detail.

Two-hour orientation private tours are available on request, and 2.5-hour intimate walks on request and selected dates through Airbnb Experiences and Trip Advisor Experiences.

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