This week we wanted to bring you a photo gallery of the Leafies – what we thought were awesome sculptures that infiltrated Adelaide across a six-week period.

The street art emerged at the WOMADelaide Festival in mid-March, coming from the fallen leaves of trees in Adelaide’s parklands to dance to the world music. The human-like creatures then wanted to be more like us, and decided to see what Adelaide life was like.

The Leafies certainly got out and about – they played guitars and violins, climbed trees, and got some of the best views of the city.

French art company Le Phun was behind the exhibition, working with Adelaide City Council to bring us a quirky feature of Adelaide as the summer ended and the cooler weather began to creep in.

With (much-needed) heavy rain following their departure, we’re glad they were removed to safety, but sad to see them go.

Who knows? Perhaps they’ll return to us one day.

For now, we can already reminisce on what was some great Adelaide street art. These pics are a few of the best that were specifically seen along our Adelaide walking tours. We’re giving you a taste of the sights and structures hundreds of travellers see when they walk with us!

Share your best shots or comment on your favourites below if you were around Adelaide and saw these guys!

Flamboyant forever,


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