Food is something I really love, and an element of life that to me is a vital part of travel and discovering a city. I’ve only written about it once before for this blog about my food walking tour, but it’s something you’ll start to see more of.

You see, South Australia has been ranked as the best state in Australia for food and wine in a commissioned nationwide survey, and it’s something a lot of people travel here for.

The annual analysis has us in front for the first time, and now confirms to Australia and the world what we here have always known – our food is as well recognised as our vino.

And when you’re talking food, it’s not just the high-end, fine dining side of the industry. It’s also those in the kitchens baking up a storm.

Here, I want to talk dessert – brownies. As a sweet tooth at heart, I found joy in periodical visits to a bakery across a few years just to taste what could well be one of the world’s best brownies.

But that was in Switzerland.

I had my doubts about whether Adelaide could live up to such standards, when I lived and worked across Europe in countries with chocolate running through their veins.

I’m extremely glad to say that after a wide search, Adelaide has come up with the goods.

Prerequisites for any brownie are moisture, richness and density. For this search, I did not take raw varieties in to account. Additional non-chocolate ingredients and being gluten free were optional.

So here are five of what I consider to be Adelaide’s must-have brownies!

  1. Sugarcoated food truck

These guys are at most major festival events and serve up a salted caramel brownie, as seen by the thick layer in the middle. This was a bit less melt-in-your-mouth, but still had that richness and density to it.

  1. Red Cacao Chocolatier, Stirling

Just a bit of everything chocolaty with this delight. This Adelaide Hills chocolatier knows how to make a really rich, flavoursome slice and adds to their great repertoire of products.

  1. Providore, Adelaide Central Market

This beauty is served smaller than your average slice and goes for cheaper as a result. The best part about this quick fix is the element of raspberries and that they use Belgian chocolate. Need to go back for their peanut butter version!

  1. Sidewalk Cafe, Castle Plaza Shopping Centre

If you like your brownie with nuts in it, this one’s for you. They’re added generously to a big piece of melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey consistency (what you see isn’t even the whole slice). It’s heaven.

  1. Baker’s Edge, West Beach

I won’t lie – I didn’t discover this first-hand. See, a love of chocolate runs in my family, and my aunty frequents this cafe for what she considers to be the city’s best brownie.

I agree. The slices are huge, and the moisture is unbelievable. It’s everything you want in a proper brownie – it’s not a cake; it’s almost muddy in its rich density, but not enough to scare you off.

I’m more than a bit in love with food, particularly sweet treats. While brownies don’t feature, I run Adelaide food tour The F Factor… where local chocolate is involved, and more.

If you’re a reader who’s tried any of these brownies before, do you agree? Or are there others that you believe should be in this list? Comment below and join the discussion!

Flamboyant forever,


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