Winter. For some, as the song goes, it’s a wonderland we walk in. For others, it’s a dreadful few months where rain and gloomy skies dampen the mood of life.

We’re here to lift the mood of the latter bunch and to reinvigorate that wonderland feeling, because we think taking an Adelaide walking tour in winter is hugely rewarding. Here’s why:

Less crowds

This is what most people think of first, and rightly so. Winter equals cold weather, and as a result, people tend to travel a bit less in these months. But the advantage is that you can go against that grain, and as a result, get to see/do attractions easier. This is great regardless of where you are, be it in Adelaide or Rome.

It’s worth also adding that in the case of Flamboyance Tours, we are running our tips-based walking tour seven days a week in 2019. During the winter, that means travellers are often spread out more across the week and you can enjoy our Adelaide orientation with smaller crowds. And if you want a surefire way of that, there’s always our private/small-group options.


More energy

Travelling in summer has its benefits as we all know – but you really do have more energy in the winter. The cold makes you want to move around and get the blood flowing, and you don’t have the fatigue associated with heat. The best part of all this is that you can go nuts on great winter travel gear to rug up and look good as well as feel toasty warm, which will keep you going for hours. And in Adelaide, you don’t have to go all Michelin Man to radiate warmth, which leads to the next point…

Mild weather

Winter walking in Adelaide is amazing because our winters are really mild compared to many places in Europe and the Americas. Adelaide is a city that receives a lot of sun, and you only have to look to the pictures we post of guests on our Facebook page for proof. When it rains, it does pour – and we’re grateful for this because we’re a dry part of the world and do need rain badly. But why not use the weather to your advantage and make the most of our city by discovering it on foot?

Atmospheric photos

Grey skies are not representative of doom and gloom. In fact, some of the best photos you’ll get are on those days where the sun doesn’t shine. Any photographer will tell you straight away that overcast days are amazing for photos because the lack of sun glare translates to naturally even lighting. Meaning you don’t have as much editing to do if you’re one to tinker with images (if you’re just doing it for the ‘Gram, then filters will be at a minimum).

Foodie feels

We all feel just that little more hungry in the winter, it’s something our bodies seem to believe is necessary for survival. And we should indulge, just in the right ways. By taking a walking tour in winter, you’re already burning off (some of) what you consume – even when the walking tour is food related. Our food walking tour The F Factor is a mix of indoor comfort with tastings of local treats, and burning them off as you traverse the outdoors and see some of Adelaide’s key monuments.

Though that glass of South Australian wine you’ll have afterwards as a reward for walking in the cold… that’s on you!




Let us know if you agree with these points in the comments, or if there’s something you think we’ve forgotten. We do walk in a winter wonderland in Adelaide, which is why our tours are available all year round!

Flamboyant forever,


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