Adelaide might have a mild winter compared to many other places in the world, but even so the temperatures can dramatically drop for the colder months. We can cater for that by stuffing ourselves with delicious food. This can be sweet stuff (I’ve already revealed five must-have Adelaide brownies), but here we’ll focus on a cheap lunch option.

Soups in Adelaide are great for several reasons: Adelaide has Australia’s best food (we even do a tour on the local treats). We love nothing better than feeling warm – until we complain when it’s too hot to walk outside in the summer. And being a multicultural city, there are so many different varieties to try.

I’ve found five soups that will warm your heart and soul for lunch as you wander around the CBD – before or after one of our Adelaide walking tours of course! These are all under $10, of decent size, and within the city boundaries. There are more than these – many of which I’d still love to try, and I’d love you to share your cheap Adelaide soup finds in the comments below!

In no particular order:

  1. Do Duck Inn – spicy lamb and vegetable soup with bread, $9.90

There’s usually a designated Soup of the Day at this blink-and-you-miss-it cafe right by the Science Exchange building that we feature on our Intimate Walk. If you need warmth indoors, this place has it in spades. Otherwise, a couple of lovely tables outside in the sun give you some Vitamin D as you lap up your soup and watch city workers go by.

This spicy lamb and veg delight had a heap of flavour, and the sourdough bread on the side was an excellent compliment. A great amount of both lamb and veg, the meat was tender, and the bowl was just the right size. Really satisfying.

  1. Coco Jumbo – Moroccan chickpea and lentil with herb sourdough bread, $10

There have been many times I’ve walked past this Topham Mall hotspot and noticed ‘SOLD OUT’ written on the canvas board in the walkway. You have to get in quick, as this is a badly kept local secret. There’s usually a line during the lunch period, but it’s worth the wait.

This juice/salad/soup bar often has two or three options, but this is the most popular by far. And with good reason – great serving size, hearty and THE. BREAD. Those herbs are just phenomenal. The soup itself is fabulous too – as many chickpea and lentils as you could manage are packed in here. Seating options are just a few stools, otherwise take it away and eat at another desired location.

  1. Atlas Continental – pea and ham soup, $10 with bread or in a bread bowl

This Central Market staple is usually my go-to for spuds in the city, but their winter soups are plentiful. There are usually three or so available that get changed up, and there is a snack option for $6 in a cup if you don’t feel like a lot. I’m not one to really take the snack option, so I went all out.

For a pea and ham soup, the bread bowl was the best decision ever. The soup was tasty, kept warm in the bowl and had a mixed consistency (not too runny but not chunky either). This was great for when I ate the bread bowl at the end as it didn’t go everywhere. The bread was so fresh; I wasn’t expecting to want to eat it all, but I did!

  1. Coffee Branch – potato and leek soup, $9.90 with croutons

This is where you go to be a cool kid. Leigh St is where all the hip hang out, as not only a major nightlife spot but a mad street for different cuisines and delights. Coffee Branch are one of a few cafes, but the only to have soup on the menu from what we can tell.

On this particular day they had a potato and leek creamy soup with croutons on offer. The croutons were well proportioned to the soup, which was creamy and went down a treat. While the bowl looked a bit smaller, it was the right amount of soup and delivered with a lot of love.

  1. Delish Espresso – vegetable soup with bread, $7.50

A bargain if I ever found one. This needs to be eaten on a day with minimal wind/rain as most seats are outside (but still under umbrellas). There are usually two or three soup options, but I went with the vegetable to warm my soul in the most healthy of ways.

This soup had beans and potatoes among the usual carrot and celery culprits and was what you want in a chunky vegetable soup. But what I liked was the choice of white, wholemeal or MULTIGRAIN toast. You can tell I liked the latter and went with that. There were two slices together, buttered in the middle to create a sandwich of heaven to dunk in!


I hope you enjoy taking my Adelaide food tips with you as you explore the city, and if you have tips for me in return with extra soup finds, please comment below!

Flamboyant forever,


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