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Australia is a hard country to cover in a short period; hard to pick where to go, and what to see. Two months would be enough in many countries, but Australia’s area mass alone makes it difficult to conquer. Many travellers end up choosing to fit in as many cities as they can, making the timeframes in each spot minimal.

Adelaide is the gateway to the Outback, and on one end of the Great Ocean Road. It’s an amazing city, and honestly, one that is still surprisingly not on a lot of travellers’ radars! Which means that when you do travel to the South Australian capital, there’s a sense that you have it all to yourself. Even if you only have one day in Adelaide.

One day. It’s not a lot of time. But it may be the case that you’re part of a multi-city tour, or you spend longer in South Australia and only have 24 hours in Adelaide itself. While I would highly encourage at least a 2-3 day visit for Adelaide, if you only have one day you really have to make it count.

A young woman hugs the Mall's Balls sculpture in Adelaide's Rundle Mall

So, where do you start?

To get a feel for any place, a walking tour is a great way to cover a lot of the sightseeing. What better way to learn the facts and stories behind some of a city’s key monuments and landmarks than to hear them from someone who lives and breathes the city? Of course if the guide is a born and raised local, it’s an added bonus.

Free walking tours are popular in cities around the world, and so too in Adelaide. An Adelaide free walking tour can give you a quick yet meaningful experience about the city, and that’s what I strive to do as an Adelaide born-and-raised local every day! Though under Flamboyance Tours it’s called a tips-based walking tour, which I’ve previously explained in more detail – but in essence is the same concept.

You need to do Flamboyance Tours’ Adelaide tips-based walking tour because you’ll otherwise be wandering around Adelaide not knowing about what you’re seeing, and that would be tragic when you have so little time to see it! It’s important to gain an orientation so you can get an idea of not only what the city is all about, but also how you can then make the most of it for the rest of your stay. And when you’re short on time that ends up being super crucial.

Any Adelaide walking tour of ours gives you a comprehensive overview of the city. The tips-based tour is an orientation that serves as an introduction to what you can later explore yourself. You get the know-how on what museums and galleries are around, and more importantly where they are in relation to the tour, and also where Adelaide’s foodie spots are. Thankfully, we end the Adelaide tips-based tour outside the perfect lunch spot.

Most of all, you can interact with people. This is a great way to break any social barriers, or perhaps add something different to your travel routine. You might need a break from your partner where you can discuss travel with others, or be a solo traveller needing some interaction with fellow explorers. Either way, it’s a great icebreaker that can lead to ongoing friendships. I’ve certainly experienced that through free walking tours abroad!

And finally, the money factor. Whether you’re on a budget or not, a walking tour in Adelaide is worth the investment – I’ve written about how it’s a really walkable city, and even how much you should tip – for a small price, a walking tour can give you so much more understanding.

If you’re in Adelaide one day, come and say hi! I run tips-based Adelaide walking tours for Flamboyance Tours seven days a week. We just like to know if you’re walking with us in advance, so make sure to reserve your spot and we’ll see you at the Balls!

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    Is this free walking tours in Adelaide still operating? Wete in Adelaide 1st May 2022

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