At our core, Flamboyance Tours is about bringing people together to share an experience they’ll never forget. Telling stories of Adelaide to help create a memorable visit is something we are privileged to do. In 2020 that is under threat because of a virus that has surrounded citizens of the world, and the new normal is something different.

Many travellers choose to see the world solo, coming together for things like our walking tours where they can get interaction they may need or crave to stave away getting completely lost in a one-person bubble. Though sometimes, that bubble isn’t a bad thing. We can introspectively look at our lives, the way we see the world, and not be influenced by others.

At a time when “social distancing” is encouraged, I implore people not to be discouraged by a supposed lack of interaction. There are still ways we can enjoy travel while being responsible about it – regardless whether our city is in lockdown or not. And whether that includes interaction or not is up to you – it all comes down to that little thing we call social media. Yes, it’s not the same as face-to-face interaction, but situations beyond our control reveal the good that technology can achieve.

To start with a situation where lockdowns are not relevant, one of my favourite ways to travel is by taking a road trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s one hour, five hours or a whole day, just the freedom of getting in a car and SEEING things is satisfying. Particularly if it’s to a new place, and I have good music to enhance the ride. For me, I get excited by the aspect of a new beach, a new restaurant or a museum I haven’t seen before. For you, perhaps it’s something different.

A solo road trip means you can sing along to those songs you love but those around you may hate. Or it can mean being able to finally listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to make time for. Alternatively, you can get a podcast about where you’re going… or pretend you’re somewhere on the other side of the world, whatever floats your boat.

I took a day off from tours to attend a tourism event, only to have it cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis. With a car at my disposal (rare for me), I took the opportunity to seek out a bit of my own social distancing by getting out of Adelaide and seeing more of South Australia by heading down the Fleurieu Peninsula. On a warm March day, I headed to Second Valley.

It’s a small, quiet town famed for its gorgeous beach and great scuba diving and snorkelling spots like its neighbour Rapid Bay. While I didn’t seek that type of adventure on this trip, I sought out some cool rockpools thanks to an awesome local blog (see, that’s social media for you). Climbing over some slippery rocks to get there? By myself? That’s my kind of adventure. What might sound like a non-event to you was a little thrill for me, because the reward was peace and quiet (for most of the time), and a nice spot in the sun to read my book. The social distancing I do actually crave, much to the surprise of people.

The beach is just as beautiful. White sand, and not busy. It helped being a Monday, but the waves crashing lulled me close to sleep after a quick, refreshing dip in the crisp water. With cool rock formations, a bit of light reading with history of the area and a jetty well utilised by fishers, Second Valley has something for everyone.

And there’s nothing like nice familiarity when returning to a favourite spot. Yankalilla is a compulsory stop along this first part of what South Australia calls the Southern Ocean Drive, with its great op shops and book stores, and the famed Yankalilla Bakery. I had an order to bring sausage rolls home!

This day-trip reminded me that we all do need to take a bit of time out, and social distancing isn’t the toxic term some might be making it out to be. We need to look out for each other as travellers, as human beings – but we also have to look after ourselves. If you have the opportunity, get to that getaway beach house you’ve always wanted to stay at, take that drive you haven’t considered before and explore responsibly until a time may come when exploring past our households in Australia won’t be allowed.

And what if you are confined to your home? Let your brain explore with the likes of podcasts, books and Netflix to immerse yourself in local or exotic worlds. We live in a technological age where everything is at our disposal… we’ve all been reminded that Netflix Party exists so you can even watch Under The Tuscan Sun (random example) with friends, no matter how far away you all are. Use it to your advantage to stimulate your mind and educate yourself, to expand your horizons as a traveller. Grab that guide sitting on your bookshelf or go to Lonely Planet’s website and read through information for one city/town/country every day, to know what your next travel goals are and make these dreams a reality.

If you are wanting to still explore Adelaide and are conscious of keeping within social distancing guidelines, Flamboyance Tours has private tours available for all curious minds as well as taking private requests for The F Factor and Intimate Walk tours. Please get in touch, as we want to give everyone possible the opportunity to immerse themselves in this amazing city.

Flamboyant forever,


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