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Fun, quirky, immersive travel.
Enhancing travel experiences with unique authenticity and knowledge.

Flamboyance Tours’ vision is to bring the world’s like-minded travellers together to take part in local, authentic Adelaide experiences with plenty of fun and flair – regardless of budget.

Flamboyance Tours sprung from owner Katina’s desire to bring a real voice to Adelaide, seeing that there were few Adelaide walking tours on offer. Here to inspire and educate, the company focuses on promoting the vibrant capital of South Australia as the emerging Australian force it is.

A born-and-raised Adelaide local, Katina worked three summer and two winter seasons in Europe as a trip leader for multi-award winning youth travel company Topdeck before Flamboyance Tours was born. 

Guiding across more than 20 countries, bringing her experience and expertise back to her home city inspired Flamboyance Tours’ creation and created an opportunity to present Adelaide’s history and culture to all walks of life!

You can read more about this on our Media page where Katina’s story has been documented in the press.

A flamboyance of flamingos represents togetherness – Flamboyance Tours strives for fun, quirky and immersive travel to foster a like-minded culture among travellers and the curious at heart. See below for more on our philosophy.

Katina Vangopoulos

A storyteller with a curious mind, Katina thrives in understanding what’s underneath the surface of any place she visits. For her, there is always something new to be discovered, the world a platform for adventure. Born and raised in Adelaide, she takes the tours. She sees her home city as one that continues to surprise.

Our Philosophy

Travellers flock to Flamboyance Tours because we’re exceptional at what we do - sharing stories and providing unique travel experiences through Adelaide tours of the walking kind. And we value travellers’ independence; the desire to make easy, informed decisions about how to spend precious travel time. Flamboyance Tours encourages you to follow the FLAMINGO when choosing us: we believe you are in control of your travel desires, and want to assist with minimal fuss when making important travel decisions! You deserve to determine the fun across your travel planning process, and we strive to deliver the goods with professionalism and panache. We’re eager to welcome you with open wings so you can become part of the flamboyance!

Follow The Flamingo

Find your experience
Line it up with your travel plans
Acquire all the information
Make sure it’s what suits you
If help is needed, we’re always here
Natural curiosity is what we like
Go forth and be quirky with us
Open minds invite enriching rewards

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