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Flamboyance Tours provides Adelaide’s best walking tours, having taken travellers from more than 30 nations to great satisfaction. You can read why here – our reviews come from across Google, TripAdvisor, Airbnb for The F Factor, the Jimmy C Street Art Tour and Intimate Walk, and Facebook as well as direct feedback.

"I had such a fantastic walking tour with Katina. She is so passionate about Adelaide and her passion is undergirded with a wealth of information about the city that she loves. Her youthful enthusiasm is supported by her broad knowledge of the historical and social evolution of the city. It was such a rich way to be introduced to a city and I could not recommend Katina more highly. Treat yourself to a few hours with her."

Be an Adelaide local: Intimate Walk, Airbnb, March 2019

"If you’re going to do Adelaide you must do this tour! Katina’s local knowledge was perfectly paired with her consummate story telling abilities. With her words of wit and wisdom the foodie history of Adelaide came to life as we roamed the streets. Samples of iconic edibles were proffered and readily consumed, as abandoned buildings and overlooked edibles were rediscovered, and their history regaled in an easygoing yet enthusiastic manner!"

The F Factor Adelaide food tour, Airbnb, April 2021

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This (The F Factor) was our second tour with Katina and it was at least as good as the first one. The focus was on very local foods and their stories. We can highly recommend guests to book a tour with Katina!
Katina was very friendly, clearly passionate about Adelaide, walked and talked with interest and enthusiasm throughout but allowing to us to pause and ask questions whenever, making it feel very personally tailored.
"Kat was so knowledgeable and passionate about her home city. She covered many topics including architecture, local culture, indigenous history and street art and answered all of our many questions."

Great walking tour
“Katina was very knowledgeable and informative.. She provided a comprehensive tour of Adelaide, and talked continuously about the history of the city.” – David, TripAdvisor, May 2021

So informative
“Such a brilliant tour! It was so informative and great for orientating ourselves in the city. Thanks Katina.” – Vanessa, Facebook, May 2021

Yummy food
“Kat was fantastic, so full of knowledge of the city and good history. Learnt a lot and got to try some yummy food that has Adelaide history. Definitely recommend.” – Ash, Google, May 2021

Five stars
“We had a walk from Haigh’s chocolates and listened to many stories from Katina. She was very nice and passionate for helping people know deeper about ADL. I really like the way she told the stories related to her childhood or friends, showing pictures comparing with the past. It was fascinating.” – Yu-Ling, Airbnb, October 2019

“John and I had a fantastic food tour when we were in Adelaide. Whilst it was only the 2 of us, Katina really took her time to show us around and explain the history in Adelaide. Katina was very very knowledgeable and you could tell she loved the history of Adelaide. Everything was explained with such passion. Fantastic tour and highly recommend.” – Brent, TripAdvisor, September 2019

A thorough tour
“Katina is a great guide and has researched Jimmy C extremely well.” – Lynette, Airbnb, June 2021

The coolest team bonding experience
“We had an amazing time with Katina, walking the streets and lanes of Adelaide. She is such a bubbly and enthusiastic tour leader. The work of Jimmy C (and a few others along the way) is captivating and it was interesting to get some background on street art you always pass but know nothing about. There were also hidden gems I never would’ve discovered myself. We did this tour as a corporate tour and every team member enjoyed it. Ending it at Sparkke at The Whitmore was the perfect ending to a fun afternoon out.” – Nel, TripAdvisor, February 2021

Great fun
“Katina was very informative and gave us a greater insight to street art in the city. Would highly recommend this walking tour. Great fun!” – Lindi, Google, January 2021

“We highly recommend the walking tour with Katina. She is very knowledgeable and we saw and learnt many interesting things about Adelaide. Katina’s charismatic personality and her infectious enthusiasm for her home town made this experience that much more enjoyable for us.” – Catherine, Airbnb, May 2021
“Book early to avoid disappointment as the walking tour is only for four adults. Really learned a lot and saw places we would not have ventured to, nor would even be aware of. Can highly recommend.” – Sue, TripAdvisor, March 2020
“A jewel shows hidden gems & great spots in Adelaide. What a great pleasure to join the tour with Katina. It doesn’t feel like a old-fashioned-only-number-based tour- no, it was a refreshing, interesting and stunning tour through many of Adelaide’s nicest places. Katina herself is a very kind and smart person and so enthusiastic. It feels like I did the tour with a friend. She did the tour with all her heart and after the tour you have the feeling you should spend more days in Adelaide to discover the whole area. Besides her recommendations during the tour you get a very good recommendation sheet after the tour! I joined a lot of walking tours all over the world- but the tour with Katina was outstanding!” – Sybille, Google, August 2019
We spent the afternoon with Katina doing a private tour, and was absolutely amazing! A 2 hour walk around the city with some insight into Adelaide’s history, the development of the city and the must see and do! The experience really was amazing, Katina was like a long lost friend, making it very interactive and fun. The tour was tailored to what we spoke to her about and finished the tour at a secret little spot in the middle of the city. Thank you so much!!” – Autumn, Google, May 2021
An absolute must do when in Adelaide
“Katina is an amazing ball of light and I would recommend her walking tours as a must do when in Adelaide!” – Alex, via website, March 2020
“Katina was the perfect guide – I did a private 4 hours private tour through Adelaide and out to Henley Beach. Katina is super nice, knows everything and has a great eye for details and personal experiences that differs this experience from so many others.” – Lars, TripAdvisor, August 2019


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