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"I had such a fantastic walking tour with Katina. She is so passionate about Adelaide and her passion is undergirded with a wealth of information about the city that she loves. Her youthful enthusiasm is supported by her broad knowledge of the historical and social evolution of the city. It was such a rich way to be introduced to a city and I could not recommend Katina more highly. Treat yourself to a few hours with her."

Be an Adelaide local: Intimate Walk, Airbnb, March 2019

"John and I had a fantastic food tour when we were in Adelaide. Whilst it was only the 2 of us, Katina really took her time to show us around and explain the history in Adelaide. Katina was very very knowledgeable and you could tell she loved the history of Adelaide. Everything was explained with such passion. Fantastic tour and highly recommend."

The F Factor Adelaide food tour, TripAdvisor, September 2019

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This (The F Factor) was our second tour with Katina and it was at least as good as the first one. The focus was on very local foods and their stories. We can highly recommend guests to book a tour with Katina!
An excellent walking tour run by owner/operator Kat who is a born and bred Adelaidian. Combines history, culture, architecture... 2hrs long at an easy pace. Tips-based tour; it was well worth the $25 I put in.
Katina was very friendly, clearly passionate about Adelaide, walked and talked with interest and enthusiasm throughout but allowing to us to pause and ask questions whenever, making it feel very personally tailored.
"Kat was so knowledgeable and passionate about her home city. She covered many topics including architecture, local culture, indigenous history and street art and answered all of our many questions."
“Absolutely must go on this tour! Kat is a local and is soooo knowledgable and lovely. The tour took us to all the main attraction areas and was a great length to see and do everything! You must go! Best way to see the city with a born and bred local who knows her stuff!! Thanks so much Kat!” – TripAdvisor, July 2019
“I found Katina to be a wonderful tour guide with an extensive and interesting knowledge of Adelaide. Even as a local, I learnt many interesting facts of Adelaide and its history. I would happy recommend Flamboyance Tours to anyone – including locals!” – Aaron, Google, February 2019

Five stars
“This was such a great tour! Katina was friendly and helpful from the start and I loved her knowledge about Adelaide in general and in particular the food scene. She is an experienced guide and made it feel very personal by adding in stories about her family’s connection with different parts of the tour. I am in Adelaide by myself and this was a great way to get to know a local and see the city through her eyes.” – Megan, Airbnb, July 2019

“The tour was really interesting and Katina made if a lot of fun. We started at Haighs chocolates, learned about Balfours and Vilis, the pie carts, and finished at the Central Markets. I learned so much about South Australian iconic brands, processes and products. The goodie bag was fun too. The tour is around 90 minutes long and there’s a little bit of walking but I would highly recommend it!” – Gill, TripAdvisor, September 2019
“A jewel shows hidden gems & great spots in Adelaide. What a great pleasure to join the tour with Katina. It doesn’t feel like a old-fashioned-only-number-based tour- no, it was a refreshing, interesting and stunning tour through many of Adelaide’s nicest places. Katina herself is a very kind and smart person and so enthusiastic. It feels like I did the tour with a friend. She did the tour with all her heart and after the tour you have the feeling you should spend more days in Adelaide to discover the whole area. Besides her recommendations during the tour you get a very good recommendation sheet after the tour! I joined a lot of walking tours all over the world- but the tour with Katina was outstanding!” – Sybille, Google, August 2019
“Katina was amazing! Loved the city and made me fall in fall in love with the city! Thank you for the wonderful experience.” – Peter, Airbnb, July 2019
“Katina was the perfect guide – I did a private 4 hours private tour through Adelaide and out to Henley Beach. Katina is super nice, knows everything and has a great eye for details and personal experiences that differs this experience from so many others.” – Lars, TripAdvisor, August 2019
Highly recommended
“Great tour! My second time visiting Adelaide, but never knew the amazing historic details right in the CBD until I did a walk with Flamboyance Tours. Katina is a great host, and loves sharing her local knowledge about the many unique spots in city, the foods, and communities.” – Sushil, via email, March 2019
An absolute must do when in Adelaide

“Katina is an amazing ball of light and I would recommend her walking tours as a must do when in Adelaide!” – Alex, via website, March 2020


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