What we offer in accessible tourism

Flamboyance Tours is an accessible and inclusive Adelaide business, allowing those with physical, cognitive, sensory, neurological or other needs to feel welcome on our Adelaide tours.

MOBILITY: We offer Adelaide walking tours in areas with flat surfaces. There are some locations with stairs, and at almost all of them there is accessibility with a lift available. The only exceptions are on the Port Adelaide Walking Tour, and Adelaide Queer History Tour (but these do have alternative options so no-one misses out).

There are toilet stops with accessible cubicles available across all tours if needed.

VISION: For those with little or no sight, the sensory experiences on our food tours are great! The F Factor and Adelaide Central Market Tour include lots of tastings and the verbal history will paint a wonderful picture to complete the experience.

For our city walks, we can provide descriptive commentary along the way, and on a private tour can act as a sighted guide if assistance is needed. We often talk about public artworks which can be touched, adding sensory memories to the experience.

HEARING: Our walking tours are often small, so for those with hearing concerns we can be attentive to those needs. We’ve had guests who were hard of hearing tell us we were clear in our speech, which helped better their experience.

We unfortunately do not offer sign language on our tours but have had deaf guests with a companion be able to translate information with ease.

COGNITIVE: Our tours are often in busy public spaces, but for those after a less stimulating environment we can organise a customised private tour on request seeking out spots away from the crowds.

FAMILIES: We welcome families on all our tours! Prams are no problem, and we welcome children of all ages on tour. We do have some minor adult themes on our Jimmy C Street Art Tour.

FOR EVERYONE: Our guides are attentive to different needs across all tours. We will ask you what you need, and you can tell us what you need! We hope to provide unforgettable Adelaide experiences on our walking tours for everyone.

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