Silver at the 2021 South Australian Tourism Awards

It’s been a week since Flamboyance Tours was awarded silver at the 2021 SA Tourism Awards in the Cultural Tourism category. I can still barely believe that I walked away with a placing, being up against some mighty organisations (five … Read More

Local customs: South Australian slang

This is the first of five Local Customs blogs. Each week I’ll be publishing something great about South Australian customs! Conversing with an Australian can be a confronting experience if you’re not from the land down under and you don’t … Read More

Adelaide residents enjoying food tour The F Factor with Flamboyance Tours

Why an Adelaide walking tour is great for locals

How much do you know about your home city? This is a general question anyone should ask themselves, and while I talk about Adelaide specifically here, this is relevant wherever you may be reading it. I find myself asking this … Read More

NAIDOC Week and Adelaide’s Victoria Square

Every July in Australia, the week between the first and second Sundays of that month is known as NAIDOC Week. NAIDOC stands for the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee, but the acronym now forms the name of the … Read More

Where to start an Adelaide tour and why

The Mall’s Balls, officially known as (The) Spheres, is an Adelaide sculpture of iconic proportions. Locals use it as a meeting spot, the easiest location to navigate without having to think. When friends organise to catch up, they say, “Let’s … Read More

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