Things to Do in Adelaide


Whether your visit is for a day or week, here are our Adelaide tips

How long are you staying in Adelaide?

If you're not sure, check out our suggestions for the best Adelaide experience first. Whether you have one day in Adelaide, three days, or a week, there are so many things to do in Adelaide that we couldn't keep it to just one list!

It’s not much time, but there’s a lot you can explore – 24 hours in Adelaide will still provide a wonderful experience

A three-day Adelaide stay will give you a more in-depth look at the city, seeing the South Australian way of life

Spending a week in Adelaide is great as a central base for close regional areas like Kangaroo Island and wine regions 

What tour to take?

If you’re here, we hope you’re considering your options for at least one Adelaide tour, where you’ll discover we’re more than just the ‘City of Churches’ or ‘Radelaide’. What tour to take depends on the length of your Adelaide stay and what your interests are.

We offer plenty of cultural experiences with our Adelaide food tours – local foods on The F Factor, and the Adelaide Central Market Tour (featured below).

If you’re here with friends and want a unique Adelaide shopping buy, consider our sustainable shopping tour, Exploring Slow Fashion! For those who want stunning visuals, the Jimmy C Street Art Tour provides an alternate look at the city’s streets.

And let’s not forget our Adelaide history and heritage walks as well. From our Welcome to Adelaide tour, through to private experiences, immerse yourself in the city’s amazing stories. Our three-hour Intimate Walk (featured below) showcases a mix of key landmarks and quieter locations.

We look forward to seeing you walk with us!



Intimate Walk

This private tour for up to six people takes a deeper glimpse into Adelaide, visiting a mix of key landmarks and quieter city locations.



Adelaide Central Market Tour

Get a feel for the Adelaide Central Market on this one-hour experience. Learn of the market's history and sample tastings that will leave you wanting more.
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