An audio tour of Adelaide's fascinating LGBT history, to be done at your own pace!

Adelaide's LGBT History Told Like Never Before

Flamboyance Tours presents the queer history of Adelaide in a 1-hour audio tour through the VoiceMap app, sharing the stories of LGBT life and people as you visit sites across the city centre. This tour premieres as part of the 2020 Feast Festival. Along the walk, you'll hear stories ranging from the quirky to tragic. From the death of George Duncan to politicians making their distinguishable mark, Adelaide has plenty of tales within the LGBT community. Finally, you'll take the Pride March route to appreciate what has led to current societal norms. Immerse yourself in learning about Adelaide's culture with Flamboyance Tours. We look forward to having you walk with us!

The tour is not available to purchase through our website at the moment. It is available for purchase through the VoiceMap website here, where it is priced at $5.99. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Details

All you need to know for taking part in the Adelaide Queer History audio tour!

Adelaide Queer History Tour
  • Save 99c when buying the tour code direct from our website, compared to purchase on VoiceMap
  • Discover Adelaide's LGBT history and hear fascinating tales as you walk by key sites of the city centre
  • Start point: George Duncan memorial, Victoria Avenue | End point: Compton Street
  • Start time: whenever you like | Duration: allow one hour
  • You will need to download the free VoiceMap app once purchasing the tour, where you put the code in. You need a mobile phone with working GPS and headphones to do the tour
  • Please contact us with any queries!

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