A stroll down Rundle Mall reveals various influences for what we eat

$42 per student
1 Hour

Discover our local foods

What is fritz? A frog cake? Local adults will be well aware, but students can discover these fun local Adelaide foods and the stories behind them on a one-hour walk down Rundle Mall and Adelaide Arcade. This is a shortened version of our popular food tour The F Factor, and stories here focus on the English, German and French influences on iconic local produce.

On the day samples will include:

  • Bung fritz
  • Haigh’s chocolate
  • Balfours mini frog cake
  • Charlesworth Nuts almond sample

Students will also receive a packet of Fruchocs and a Haigh’s chocolate frog to take home.

Students are encouraged to engage through taking photos, asking and answering questions, and taking part in a quiz along the route.

Start and end points

We start at the Pulteney Street end of Rundle Mall. We finish at Charlesworth Nuts (1 Rundle Mall).


*Bookings are essential, with numbers and payment confirmed at least one week prior to the event.

*This tour has a fully accessible route.

*A group photo is taken on every tour, so please ensure students are in desired uniform and have photo permissions where necessary.

*Students will be asked for feedback at the end of the tour by filling out a quick form asking what they liked/didn’t like about the experience.

*This tour is recommended for history students in Year 9, and food and hospitality students in years 11-12. It is also suitable for food subjects for an alternative look at Adelaide’s retail/hospitality industry, and school camps/general excursions across years 6-11.

The links

How this tour assists Australian Curriculum outcomes

Outdoor Learning
Students are engaged in practical and active learning experiences in natural environments and settings. In these environments, students develop the skills and understanding to move safely and competently while valuing a positive relationship with the outside world.
History - Historical Knowledge and Understanding (Year 9)
A fun way for students to investigate how movement of peoples creates cause and effect on the Australian experience. (ACOKFH015) (ACDSEH084) (ACDSEH085)
History - Achievement Standard (Year 9)
Students analyse developments and make judgements about their importance, understanding the significance of these events and understanding a chronological timeline.
SACE Food and Hospitality (Stage 1-2)
Area of Study #2 – Local and Global Issues in Food and Hospitality, Area of Study #3 – Trends in Food and Culture
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